The Income Latter- Performance Based Defined


Reading a recent article from NPR [found here] on “The most common jobs for the rich, middle class and the poor” by Quoctrung Bui got us to thinking about the positions that were ranked in the top percentiles. While reading the article we couldn’t help but notice that when being trained in our organization, when someone earns a Managing Partner position they will have been fully trained in 7 out of the top 10 categories, including but not limited to, management, sales, advertising and marketing, financials and basics of accounting.

Now, being a part of an organization that is willing to cross train you based off of your work ethic (performance based/ no seniority) is often one of the favorite things for our competitive team members. However, I feel like we are often questioned on our intentions on what “performance based” means. Never having done sales before working with Valen, I understand the initial concern but let us clarify- We are only as strong as our training, we are only as successful as our team members, and it is our mission to grow and develop; the only way for us to get there, is to be passionate about the success our our team members.

Performance based is not only based off of sales metrics, sales are one metric that we use to lead from the front to train and develop individuals who come into our organization looking for an opportunity to grow and cross-train to further their personal and professional development into management. One must learn how to preform the act of gaining revenue at a very basic level in order to be able to hold responsibility to manage an office on behalf of our client on our marketing campaign, this is a foundation of business. Those that are promoted to management within our organization are not “the best sales people”, they have the best work ethic, the most commitment, the highest moral code, the most passion, those who are promoted to management are not purely judged off of a sales metric, but often the effort given to develop others and leadership that they’ve shown from leading from the front.

Some of the Valen Leadership team

Some of the Valen Leadership team

 “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”- Nora Roberts

To lead among leaders


Recently one of Valen Enterprises Lead account executives was awarded a Top Leadership pin award at a Regional Conference.

see press release for more info here.

On the drive back from the conference I got to thinking about some of the qualities of a top leader and wanted to share some information that we’ve reviewed frequently in our leadership meetings from John Maxwell:

  1. Good leadership isn’t about advancing yourself. It’s about advancing your team- this is a core concept within our organization. We pride ourselves on what we call selfless leadership, it is one of the only ways to advance in our organization, is not only by learning from teaching, but from to first retain info, and then show ability to transfer knowledge.
  2. Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others- We have found that individuals who are entrepreneurial minded, intrinsically motivated and altruistic advance quickly.
  3. Leadership is action, not position-It is one of the pillars of our business that we believe in leadership from a place of internal experience VS external titleship and all of our managers have been cross trained and proven through their performance  in the aspects that they expect from other team members.
  4. When people feel liked, cared for, included, valued, and trusted, they begin to work together with their leader and each other- We pride ourselves on having one of the best cultures of any company in Austin, check out some of the fun we have on Instagram and Facebook
  5. If you have integrity with people, you develop trust. The more trust you develop, the stronger the relationship becomes. In times of difficulty, relationships are a shelter. In times of opportunity, they are a launching pad- Ethics, Integrity and commitment to our word and our people are the pillars in which we build our character not only in our professional, but person lives.
  6. Good leaders must embrace both care and candor
  7. People buy into the leader, then the vision- We develop our leadership team in aspects of personal and professional development through goal setting and vision boards. It is our duty to lead from the front in bettering our client, customers, companys’ and each others goals. “We may achieve all of our dreams and goals only if we have the courage to pursue them”
  8. Bringing out the best in a person is often a catalyst for bringing out the best in the team- those that are personally motivated will always push harder professionally. It is crucial that we discover what fuels each team members passion and learning style.
  9. Progress comes only from taking risks and making mistakes- You either bounce forward or bounce back, the choice lies within us all and if one fails forward with humility and be open to the lessons on how to better oneself.
  10. Leaders are measured by the caliber of leaders they develop, not the caliber of their own leadership- It’s an old saying, you are the company that you keep, and Managing Partner, Victoria Murray often says that the favorite part of her position is the feeling that she experiences by seeing those that she is fortunate enough to develop strive and hit their personal and professional goals “one isn’t able to put a price tag or salary on seeing someone succeed and I am honored on a daily basis to strive with such an incredibility motivated team”.

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