“Oh, the Places You’ll Go…” With Work Ethic


Living in the Live Music Capital of the World, we often see the tempts of ACL, SXSW and various other awesome large, medium and small shows that challenge our decisions of the work now play later mentality, when Austin makes it so easy to “play” now, “pay” later. Now most who have worked their way up through higher education can reminisce on the lessons of procrastination and the effects of postponing work that could easily be tackled, and the fun and relaxation that could be enjoyed close to deadlines.

We often talk about this concept in a professional manner, as a leadership team we are impressed daily with the commitment of our team members to go above and beyond standards to exceed our expectations when dealing in aspects from team management, leadership, client relations,  creative campaign development, customer retention, etc. One of the concepts that we cover in our leadership training is the theory behind the theory of Eating the Frog. Eating The Frog is a fun metaphor from Brian Tracy. He says that, “If the first thing you do when you wake up each morning is eat a live frog, nothing worse can happen for the rest of the day,” and therefore the first thing you should do is the “worst” thing on your to do list. When we have our daily goal setting and “Plan of Attack” [POA] meetings, it allows us to vocalize what each individuals frog is and how we can clear if off of our to-do’s asap. Often by sharing in the meeting, one will state what their frog might be, and someone else will volunteer to complete the task, while the other team member picks up another duty, because it seems less “slime-y” to them, allowing our core to lean on each other and be efficient in each others strengths.

Procrastination can often hit home for those who are looking for immediate satisfaction, the easy choice is to go to the concert, leave early for happy hour or push off goal setting until new years. Erik Spoelstra, NBA Head Coach of the Miami Heat has seen the benefits of what merely showing up for something he committed to do could bring. When offered his initial interview with the Heat as a video coordinator, he almost passed on the opportunity to attend a Grateful Dead concert. Instead, Erik swallowed the frog and chose the responsible route, going to the interview and landing the position as video coordinator. With Erik’s impressive work ethic, he worked his was up to head coach after Pat Riley’s retirement. For more on the article visit [here].