Spread Kindness


There are three things that I like to keep in mind for being a kinder person

-You get what you give. Most likely, over time people will treat you how you treat them.
-Being kinder to others will make you kinder to yourself. Your self esteem will go up, treating others more kindly will make you think highly of yourself causing a boost in self esteem.
-Being kind to others simply makes your world a better place!

So how can you start spreading kindness in your world today? Here are 10 ways!

1.) Express your gratitude
Think about why you’re thankful to have the people you do in your life. Maybe they always say good morning to you, or they simply held a door open for you. Express your gratitude by a simple thank you! It goes a lot farther than you think!

2.) Stop Judging
No one likes to be judged, the more you judge others the more you tend to judge yourself. It’s not a good habit to have.

3.) Put a halt to the criticism
Try encouragement instead. It helps people do a better job and also helps raise their self esteem. This will also put everyone in a better mood!

4.)Put yourself in their shoes
It’s easy to be unkind when you look at things only from your perspective. Here are two questions that will help you understand someone else’s viewpoint:
-How would you think/feel in their shoes?
-What parts of this person can you see in yourself?

5.) Think back to how other people’s kindness made you feel
Think back to when someone’s act of kindness really touched you, or helped you out. Think about how you can do those same things in someone else’s life!

6.) Show kindness for something you often take for granted
It’s easy to feel motivated and show kindness when someone is having a rough time, but also remember to express kindness for someone who is on time everyday and goes above and beyond your expectations, or someone who is always there for you. Let them know you truly appreciate them and all that they do for you.

7.) Leave a kind/surprise note
Leave a small note with a loving or encouraging sentence. Just one minute of your time could make someone’s entire day!!

8.) Stop and listen
Listen without thinking of someone else. Maybe someone needs to vent, simply listening can turn someone’s day around.

9.) Small acts of kindness
Maybe you’re on your way to work, let someone over in your lane that has been trying to get over, or hold the door open for someone. It’s the little things that really mean a lot.

10.) Pay it forward
When someone does something kind for you, no matter how big or small, make it your goal to pay it forward to someone else!